This combination balances cream sauces beautifully. Create a Pasta Evangelists account to manage your subscriptions and orders. The spices in the wine blend well with the fish without overpowering it. Wine Chart: The Only Wine Sweetness Chart Youll Ever Need, Ten Cheap Cabernet Sauvignon that are all under $30, 7 Ways to Open Your Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew. Therefore, all Gavi di Gavi wines fall under the umbrella of Cortese di Gavi wines but the reverse is not true as Gavi di Gavi is more restrictive classification. We aspire to share our insight and experiences with wine lovers of all kinds by delivering accessible and enjoyable content and products. Buy it with the Wooden Box! These main types of sparkling wines offer a whole range of flavor profiles. 2019 Mulderbosch Western Cape Chenin Blanc ($15) Bursting with intense zesty lime and green apple flavors. Sagittis orci a scelerisque purus semper eget. Cheese & Wine Pairings. well . Gavi di Gavi wines use Cortese grapes sourced from the commune of Gavi specifically. It is reserved for white wines of the following types, all obtained from grapes of the Cortese vine in purity: Gavi or Cortese di Gavi Riserva Spumante classic method. However, my favorite way to enjoy Gavi wine is with a bowl of olives. Its amazing. 12 is a very reasonable price for good wines. Fresh Herbs. On the palate arestrawberries and the signature Verduno white and black pepper characteristics. Try it also with salami and fried dumplings. These wines have had DOC status since 1974 and DOCG since 1998. Despite its ubiquity in supermarkets, this dry white wine is capable of greatness, says David Williams. When a recipe calls for cooking sherry and you don't have any, try these quick substitutions. The Cortese grape has been part of Italian viticulture for centuries and is considered one of Piedmonts finest white wine grapes. Receive timely updates and promotions and a free Guide to Wine Tasting Like a Pro-Click Here! One of these is Gavi wine, one of the first Italian white wines to gain an international reputation. Soups. Discover Tokaji Wine - Hungary's Sweet Hidden Gem. Some particularly gifted bottles manage to develop a penetrating and particularly rich bouquet, with endless beeswax and plaster. Cortese is a white grape variety most famously associated with the crisp, lime-scented wines of Gavi. But, as always, this straightforward preparation packs a huge flavor punch. From wet cardboard to horse barn, wine faults can leave you a little less enthused by your drink. Basil. Wait what? Some of the best producers of Gavi include Villa Sparina, Pio Cesare and La Scolca. All of our fresh pasta, sauces and garnishes are delivered across the UK and can be prepared at home in minutes. If you dont want to mess around with octopus at home, you can also use shrimp, squid, or cuttlefish. Cotoletta alla Milanese comes from Lombardy, a northern region with some Austrian roots. You can find out how we store and process your data in our privacy policy and you can unsubscribe at any time by visiting our Newsletter Management Centre. Some confusion exists around the differences between Cortese di Gavi, Gavi and Gavi di Gavi wines. SERVE 45-55F / 7-12C GLASS TYPE White DECANT No CELLAR 3-5 Years Food Pairing An excellent wine to pair with foods inspired by Northern Italian coastal cuisine including fragrant pesto pastas and seafood dishes with basil and lemon. However, this doesn't mean that one is more or less desirable than the other. They are also a late-ripening grape, posing a challenge to winemakers. Pio Cesare makes a fresh, clean, and salty Gavi with a delightful fruity quality. Always serve them chilled (6C/43F) in a white wine glass to fully appreciate their characteristics. They are soft- and medium-bodied, with bright fruit notes and great acidity, and tend to be quite affordable. These are made with the Cortese grape. Try to find Falanghina from the Campania region for the best example. The classic minerality of Gavi also complements the sprinkled sea salt that sits atop of your Focaccia. Massa tempor nec feugiat nisl. The sharp acidity of Gavi melds beautifully with the sharp flavours of the pesto, while enhancing the fresh flavours of the sauce. . FoodWineClicks Beef Short Ribs Braised in Barolo. Its very popular on sandwiches in Italy or as the perfect late-night snack. Light Valpolicella from the Veneto region, Barbera from Piedmont and Nero dAvola from Sicily are other good options. The Marchese Raggio DOCG White Wine is Pleasantly Fruity with Clear Floral Sensations and Notes of Acacia and Citrus Fruits. With the strict DOCG restrictions, Gavi is going to be consistent from bottle to bottle, no matter who is producing it or what year it was produced. Cortese is a very balanced white wine: it has all well-balanced characteristics: there are no deficiencies or acute. You boil your octopus, grill it, drizzle olive oil on it, and eat it with potatoes, fresh cherry tomatoes, and delicious olives. Italys Big Cheese Festival: Bra Slow Food (And Beer). Related Content You May Enjoy: What Are the Best Tuscan Wine and Food Pairings? Gavi Di Gavi food pairings: steamed clams in lemon . Overall, the DOCG has a stricter production zone, including neighboring towns of Bosio, Capriata dOrba, Carrosio, Francavilla Bisio, Gavi, Novi Ligure, Parodi Ligure, Pasturana, San Cristoforo, Serravalle Scrivia, and Tassarolo. A few other delicious Prosecco pairings: Meat & Seafood Smoked salmon Chicken or turkey Vegetables Stuffed mushrooms Avocados Roasted tomatoes Artichokes Spices Ginger Cardamom Chili or cayenne pepper Green curry Chai spice Nuts & Cheeses Cashews Almonds Macadamia nuts Hazelnuts Parmesan Mozzarella Gorgonzola Ricotta Goat cheese Emmentaler Desserts Dolcetto is bright on the palate with tart,slightlybruised cherry flavors. Buy them on sale at the best price with delivery in 48 hours. The high acidity of Gavi ensures it will lift up all the delicious notes found in your Antipasto, and being low in alcohol, Gavi wont have you requiring a nap before you sit down for the second course. But, I simply love the fusion. It shows more savory, earthy notes than a younger Nebbiolo. May 2, 2021 Albario is a delicious dry Spanish white wine that is a great match with plenty of different foods. For something different, try moderately spiced Asian cuisine; the red fruit, high tannin, acidity levels, and perfume support Asian dishes. To give you a point of reference, remember that the Tanaro river also acts as a border for white wines: Arneis and Barbaresco grow to the left of the river, Barolo and Cortese to the right. Documentation from local vineyards shows evidence of its plantings dating back to 1659. Add My Food Pairing Tags. Overall, the DOCG has a stricter production zone, including neighboring towns of Bosio, Capriata dOrba, Carrosio, Francavilla Bisio, Gavi, Novi Ligure, Parodi Ligure, Pasturana, San Cristoforo, Serravalle Scrivia, and Tassarolo. What to pair:Darker, gamier meats with rich sauces; venison, prime rib, wild boar, etc. The seafood used in Paella imparts an iodine flavour that the mineral notes in Gavi complement quite well. Stores and prices for '2022 Gigi Rosso Masera, Gavi DOCG' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. sales tax 2021 Bottle (750ml) Villa Sparina - Gavi di Gavi 2021 Marketview Liquor USA: (NY) Rochester Shipping Wine to 40+ States More shipping info Go to shop $ 15.99 ex. A light-bodied red, Grenache has earthy and smoky flavors that hold up well to the spices in the salsa, but it won't overpower the fish. Outside Piedmont, Cortese is grown in Oltrep Pavese, near Custoza in Veneto and you will also find some bottles from Australia and California. Try wine made from the grape Sangiovese, which is used in Chianti and elsewhere in Italy. La Scolca Gavi dei Gavi, Italy 2019 (36.10, Hedonism, Goedhuis & Co) . Still, food and wine pairing intimidates many, especially with wines from a lesser-known region like Piedmont. In hac habitasse platea dictumst quisque sagittis purus sit. This is just a pleasant place. Drive anywhere through central Italy and you will likely come across porchetta. This winemaking region is also close to the coastal area of Liguria where pesto originated. Because the flavor of mahi mahi is delicate, you don't want to overwhelm it with the wine you choose. Get Your Free Guide: 5 Steps to Wine Tasting Like a Pro Click Here. Search Food . Its extreme cleanliness, good flavor, intense aromas invite it to be paired with raw fish, sushi, maki, fried seafood and spaghetti with clams. Mahi mahi is a meaty fish with a mild flavor. Theyre traditionally served with starters and vegetable dishes but also pair well with many kinds of cheeses if you prefer to open with such a course. On top of that, the high acidity accentuates the individual morsels of seafood in each bite of your Paella while providing a refreshing citrus hit on the finish. . Though these are the most notable there are other Piedmont wines worth trying! Averaging about $20 per bottle, its a great value. Nero dAvola is Sicilys primary red grape. Often high in acidity and low in alcohol, Gavi is an aromatic white wine with notes of lemon, lime, minerals, green apples, flowers, grapefruit, herbs and peaches with a nutty almond finish. The clean, crisp citrus fruit and high acidity of the wine perfectly match simply prepared octopus, heightening its subtle charm. Salad. Compare prices for this wine, at 17,000+ online wine stores. Follow the same pairing recommendations. Liguria is the home of pesto, the savory basil-and-pine-nut concoction we all know and love. On the palate, it shows brambly fruit, red cherries, and spice. Be sure to try their black label, which offers additional richness and complexity. Mushroom or red meat risottos can be rich and savoury. Rediscover Gavi, Piedmont's Under-the-Radar White Wine What We're Tasting Fernndez Rivera 2019 Tinto Pesquera Crianza (Ribera del Duero) Tempranillo $40 Rating: 93 What We're Tasting. Pesto. Cortese has the same mouth-zapping refreshing quality as some Pinot Grigio and Chablis wines. These wines are also medium-bodied with good depth and great acidity, so they wont weigh down your palate. While they can be incredibly affordable, look beyond the bargain bin for a slightly more expensive bottle that will truly reflect the complexity of this grape. Langhe Nebbiolo wines are powerful, elegant, and earthy, all at the same time, and feature bright cherry fruit with note of rose petals and a hint of leather. This luscious white wine produced in Piedmont is light and fruity. Nero dAvola: This is a red wine. Cenforce works to lower the blood pressure levels of the patient and interacts with the blood vessels to relax them. Generally a light bodied white wine that goes well with acidic dishes, Foods and Entrees that usually pair: Once you know the wine characteristics that factor into food pairing, experimenting is so fun. Subscribe now get amazing articles about wine from us every week! Sipping a slightly chilled Oltrepo Pavese, while nibbling on a little rib, will have you saying Bravo! These wines tend to be slightly crisp and mildly tannic, with floral or tropical flavors that work well with tomatoes and salsa. However, with just a little planning and some expert know-how, you can prepare a delicious, perfectly paired Piedmontese meal from hors doeuvres to dessert with ease. The breast meat is succulent but has a neutral taste. It is advisable to take the medicine as and when prescribed by the doctor. 0 replies on The Ultimate Guide to Piedmont Food and Wine Pairing, Travel, Food & Wine Tours | Piedmont, Italy, FoodWineClicks Anchovy Beet-green Pesto Pasta, BBQ Chicken in a Citrus Butter Curry Sauce, The Most Excellent Pizza and Focaccia Dough, Roast Turkey with Chestnut Apple stuffing, Oven Roasted Pulled Pork with Barbecue Sauce, Nebbiolo is considered one of Italys noble varietals, Asian Noodle Bowl with Steak and Snow Peas. Meanwhile, Focaccia can wear you down as the breadiness and saltiness can dry out your mouth. Made from vines planted in the first half of the 1950s and with very low yields, this. Some also finish with a hint of almond. Here are wine matches for the three most popular pasta dishes, which can also be used for most other dishes made with either red meat, a white sauce or a tomato-based sauce. In the summer try cold ham, cooked ham off the bone, and salumi. In many ways, my knowledge of food and wine pairing came as a byproduct of culture shock through reading, experimentation, and asking tons of questions. The main DOC cheeses from Piedmont are Fontina dAosta, Robiola, and Toma. Wine and food pairings are all about finding the perfect combination of flavors . Hunks of gnarled Grana Padano drizzled lightly with balsamic? The label Gavi di Gavi means the wine comes from the township of Gavi, which is central to the production area. Sauvignon Blanc is a dry, herbal white with a highly aromatic quality and light character. Matching wine with pasta is wholly dependent on the sauce, as that is what really drives the dishs flavour. You can also try a Garnacha from Spain, such as a Priorat, which is essentially the same grape with a different name. Even though its fish-based the broth for couscous al pesce can be a bit dense, and this wine has the bright acidity and savory notes to stand up to it, and complement the dishs complexity. Falanghina: The lemon-tinged, bracing minerality of this local wine will plant you right on the coast of Napoli. The good news is if you cant find or dont want to use veal, you can substitute pork chops. Their vineyard collaborates with Italian universities, working toward winemaking innovations. Many other white wines pair up with Sushi, but what makes Gavi exceptional is its consistency. Pairing the right wine with mahi mahi dishes is a matter of personal taste. The Moscato grapes are cultivated for sparkling wines ranging from sweet and lightly fizzy (the acclaimed Moscato dAsti) to dry (Spumante Bruno Extra Brut). It holds up well to marinades, but it is also delicious in a simple grilled or baked preparation. Are you looking to try Gavi wine for the first time? 2023 Pasta Evangelists Ltd. All rights reserved. . Bright cherry and cranberry aromas have slight notes of earth, and sometimes a tinge of mocha, all of which complements the char of the meat. The tart, fresh citrus notes make Gavi wines ideal with white fish and other seafood dishes. The universe itself has decided that seafood is the ideal pairing for this wine. Its complex enough that it has good potential for aging. It is made from Chenin Blanc grapes and occasionally contains Arbois. Top wine pairings with goat cheese (chvre) Posted by Fiona Beckett on April 21 2022 at 07:14. Still, cellaring for up to three years can potentially enhance a Gavi wine. Food and wine pairing Highlights Magazine: May 2019 Issue Tastings Home Italian white wines come in a huge range of styles, offering food lovers lots of potential for delicious pairings. Sounds like you can do this tonight! Tips for Making It Last. From Veneto and Lombardy in the north to Calabria and Sicily in the south, we celebrate the very best of this glorious cuisine and try to bring you a little bit of la dolce vita wherever you are. Appetizers that go with medium acidity-medium bodied white wines. We Americans are lucky enough to have access to a number of Italian regional ingredients, either by import or by homegrown adoption (hello, arugula). Broglia boasts some of the oldest vineyards in all of Gavi, though that doesnt mean theyre stuck in the past. Furthermore, the crisp minerality of Gavi naturally embraces the seafood morsels in your pasta, allowing them to stand out in every bite. Gavi pairs best with Sushi, Seafood Risotto, Grilled Fish in a lemon sauce, SaladeNioise, Spaghetti and Clams, Shellfish, Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese, Focaccia and light Chicken dishes. Great Italian Chefs is a team of passionate food-lovers dedicated to bringing you the latest news, views and reviews from the gastronomic mecca that is Italy. Vouvray is crisp and floral with herbal notes. The refreshing citrus notes of lime, grapefruit and lemon recharges your taste buds, making each new bite of Focaccia taste as delicious as the last. This dry wine often has tree fruit flavors like apple, along with a hint of minerals. His elective homeland is Gavi, a municipality of Novi Ligure, but lets not forget that the Cortese has also taken root in Tortona and throughout the Province of Alessandria and Novarese. The nose is elegant, rich, but never overbearing. Corvina grapes have high acidity low tannins, and very little color. For a tropical fruit salsa, try a French ros. All Rights Reserved. What to know: Its a light- to medium-bodied red with good acidity. It is widespread throughout the southern part of Piedmont, it is productive, but above all, it is a medium-high quality wine. Light, dry Italian whites will work should you decide to top your pizza with ingredients such as ricotta or fish. Excellent producers of Gavi include, Fontanafredda, Casterrari Bergaglio, Chiarlo, La Scolca, and Villa Sparina. Despite its deceiving deep ruby color, it is low in tannin. Carbonara does not traditionally include bacon or pancetta, though this later addition adds complexity to the dish. But in the simplest terms, the best way to pair foods and wines is to remember one helpful rhyme: what grows together goes together. Home / Marchese Raggio Gavi DOCG Comune di Gavi Magnum 2019 elegant wooden box. Lambrusco: This sparkling red wine from Emilia Romagna is so perfect for this dish it hurts. What to pair:Pair with rich, heavy meats, and sauces like Beef Wellington. . 9 Great Wine Pairing Suggestions for Mahi Mahi. Pinot Noir). Overall, the DOCG has a stricter production zone, including neighboring towns of Bosio, Capriata d'Orba, Carrosio, Francavilla Bisio, Gavi, Novi Ligure, Parodi Ligure, Pasturana, San Cristoforo, Serravalle Scrivia, and Tassarolo. Dismiss, Our site uses cookies. As we saw above, Albario grows near the coast of water. All rights reserved. Pinot Grigio food pairings: potato salads, potato saffron cakes, fish tacos. She holds a California Wine Appellation Specialist certificate from the San Francisco wine school and a Bar Smarts mixology certificate and bartends for charitable events. Cortese is a white grape variety most famously associated with the crisp, lime-scented wines of Gavi. The lemon, apple, honeydew and almond notes create a complex palate that will balance out the basil, pine nut and cheesy nature of pesto. Outstanding Montepulciano d'Abruzzo from the Rosso Conero appellation is another wine worth finding to accompany this dish. Lost your password? Like many inexpensive white wines, these are usually consumed while young and fresh. Stores and prices for '2022 Tenuta Carretta Monserito, Gavi DOCG' | tasting notes, market data, prices and stores in Estonia. From the roadside to the osterias, this savory boneless pork loin from Abruzzo is stuffed with liver, fennel and other herbs, and then spit-roasted. Serve slightly chilled to enhance its flavor. The acidity of Gavi wines make them wonderfully food friendly. Cortese is a white grape variety most famously associated with the crisp, lime-scented wines of Gavi. Stores and prices for '2022 Villa Sparino Gavi di Gavi DOCG, Pidemont' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. The taste profile ispear, green apple, hints of blossom, and a slightly savory, nutty finish. Take a bite of pesto and a sip of Gavi, and you will thank us. Users have rated this wine 4 out of 5 stars. Cortese is a white wineof great importance insouthern Piedmontese enology, not so much for its diffusion, but for its history and the turnover it brings. If youre looking to focus your meal around white wines, try these Piedmont specialties: Both Arneis and Gavi go well with these unique regional dishes. Otherwise, the flavors of the sauce/salsa may overpower the flavors in the wine. Valpolicella Pairing Suggestions Excellent Pairing: Olives. Compare prices for this wine, at 17,000+ online wine stores. The minerality of Gavi brings a sea-kissed excitement of the ocean to your Sushi, heightening your meal even further. Moscato Food Pairing: Moscato For Breakfast, Anyone. Fun fact: Sicilys cuisine is heavily influenced by North African ingredients. I wont list all the towns, but five of them are Serravalle Scrivia, Tassarolo, Novi Ligure, Parodi Ligure and Carrosio. Arneis wine Roero white wines are made from Piedmont's local grape Arneis - a name that loosely translates as "little rascal" because it is so hard to grow. There will be variations of course, (one might have pear notes, while another could be peachier), but the overall concept of Gavi will be present. The scenic township of Gavi in Piedmont, Italy. Gavi Di Gavi food pairings: grilled seafood, steamed shellfish, sushi, sashimi, tempura vegetables. Italy has its own version with a slight twist. Background: Cortese is an acidic white grape from the Piedmont area of Italy, especially in the provinces of Alessandria and Asti. Though, Gavi can be a better choice for fish given its proximity to the sea. Bordeaux Wine and Cheese Pairings Guaranteed to Please! Emilia Romagna is considered Italys bread basket, and has a long list of amazing local specialties.This simple plate allows each ingredient to sing. Bolognese or beef ragu are rich, comforting sauces with an outstanding depth of flavour when cooked over a long period of time. France and Oregon call it Pinot Gris while Italy and California call it Pinot Grigio. You want light, crisp citrus fruits with a slightly honeyed character look for Pinot Grigio from the Alto Adige or from Friuli-Venezia Giulias Collio regions in the north east of Italy. Natalie's Score: 90/100. Gavi's architectural icon is an impregnable fortress on top of a hill, and the white Cortese variety is used to make Gavi wine. Turkey is a type of poultry and belongs to the category of white meat. Choose the Riesling in a Kabinett or Sptlese level of sweetness, which won't be overwhelmingly sweet or cloying. This sweet wine from the northern hills of Hungary is highly unique and lusciously rich with notes of burnt sugar, stonefruit, and delicate flowers. On the palate it showsdried petals, more red fruit than black, and earthy tar notes. Moscato dAsti is a must. It is notable for producing the powerful, age-worthy red wines, Barolo and Barbarescoknown as the king and queen of Piedmont wine. . It stands out for its precision, cleanliness, a nice not too ripe pulpy fruit, intriguing floral notes such as chamomile and broom and then the classic finish with distinct almonds and mineral aromas. With nice crispness to the wine, it's the perfect balance for mahi mahi with a cream sauce. My passion for flavor started with wine. Instead, choose a light, aromatic white wine. Buy Gavi La Bollina 2022 on Callmewine, the best online wine shop to buy wine and champagne. FONTINA VAL D'AOSTA. Typically finished at 5.5% alcohol, Moscato dAsti provides a light finish to any Piedmontese meal. Fish, white meats like turkey and chicken, carbonara, lighter cheese sauces, and even mild curries. With nice crispness to the wine, it's the perfect balance for mahi mahi with a cream sauce. View history Cortese di Gavi, or simply Gavi, is an Italian dry white wine produced in a restricted area of the Province of Alessandria, Piedmont, close to the Ligurian border. Oh the diversity of bubbles. The variety is known for its bracing acidity and its ability to retain freshness even when grown in . [4] Gavi wines are made in a dry style and are known for their lemon-like citrus flavors and tingly acidity. Praesent elementum facilisis leo vel fringilla est ullamcorper eget. By entering your email address above, you are agreeing to receive marketing emails from Food Publishing Ltd. Youll receive the latest recipes, food features, special offers, related promotions and lots more. Probably not surprising, its also anadaptable and vigorous varietal. Join an ever-growing community of food lovers now by subscribing to our newsletter and get all the latest recipes, features and much more to your inbox. These are ideal wines for the summertime, but they also work beautifully as an aperitif throughout the year. How to Cleanse Your Palate During Wine Tasting (and Why You Should). On top of that, theyre a resort, so they would make the perfect destination for a honeymoon or wine vacation in Piedmont. On the largest island in the Mediterranean, they cook couscous in a savory fish broth and top it with anything from the sea. [2] The wine was awarded DOC status in 1974 [3] and elevated to DOCG in 1998. Pairing suggestion for pasta with tomato-based meat sauce: Massolino Barolo. Please enter your email address. Sherry vs. These light and crisp wines are perfect for highlighting the flavor of the tomatoes and mozzarella in the salad. Wine matching courtesy of international wine magazine, Decanter. This winemaking region is also close to the coastal region of Liguria where pesto originated. Yes again! Because of this, the flavors and aromas will add interest to the lightly flavored fish without overpowering it. Keep me up to date with news, exclusive offers & marketing communications. Lambruscos are wonderful for cutting through fat and bringing out the best flavors in your food. Lets not forget that Cortese is the vine used to produce a noble and refined wine like Gavi, so we are not talking about a dull wine. Pinot Grigio from the Alto Adige, Gavi di Gavi and Arneis from Piemont or Pigato from Liguria are all very good matches. ' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. Given its light body and high acidity, it customarily goes with starters and vegetable dishes. Moscato d'Asti is a semi-sweet, low alcohol sparkling wine. Best Substitutes for Cooking Sherry in Recipes. Very variable, it is one of the wines that are affected by seismic fluctuations in quality, to say the least: it starts from 3 euros for the lowest bottles you find in discount stores to get up to 20, 25 euros for great wines such as Michele Chiarlos Gavi. Still, cellaring for up to three years can potentially enhance a Gavi wine. What to know: Arneis is medium-bodied with low acidity(think Riesling for a high acidity contrast). sales tax Make sure your opened wine stays good to the last drop. Add it to brunch or happy hour / aperitivo spreads the balance of sweetness and salty make it a perfect compliment. Averaging about $20 per bottle, its a great value. What to know:Nebbiolo offersbeautifulbalance with goodacidity and heavy tannins. Find a different pairing Cortese di Gavi This dry white wine is produced in southeastern Piedmont, specifically in the Province of Alessandria where the comune of Gavi is located. Slovenian Wine: Central Europe's Hidden Gem. Simplicity is the spice of life on the Tyrrhenian coast. Try These Recipes With Arneis and Gavi: FoodWineClick's Anchovy Beet-green Pesto Pasta ; Chicken Thighs Braised in White Wine ; BBQ Chicken in a Citrus Butter Curry Sauce; Moscato d'Asti Wine Pairing Notes. Hazelnuts work well since Piedmont is the land of hazelnuts. Piedmont is one of Italys most iconic wine regions. This article is sponsored by theItalian Trade Commission. The Cortese grape has been part of Italian viticulture for centuries and is considered one of the finest white wine grapes from Piedmont. The wines from Nero dAvola are medium-bodied with notes of plum, black cherries and a little hint of licorice. Brunello di Montalcino, made from Sangiovese, in Tuscany is a serious wine with complex flavours of cherry, earthy spices, leather and mellow oak, all of which can bring any ragu to life. Chianti Classico: As local as the Chianina bull, this Sangiovese-based blend is the perfect pairing for this dish. Now that you have some of the basics of Piedmont wine and food pairings you can create a Piedmontese meal with confidence and finesse. Also enjoy serving it at home or at your next dinner party and delight your family and guests! Food and Wine Pairings. Expert Advice on How to Pair Piedmont Wine & Food Piedmont is one of Italy's most iconic wine regions. 4/5. Arrabiata is a classic tomato-based sauce which can vary in depth and flavour. Recommended dishes: carbonara, paccheri stuffed with swordfish, pine nuts and raisins, tagliolini with nettle and squid sauce, risotto alla marinara, rice and bisi, paella, pad thai. In terms of cured red meat, Gavi wont complement those components well, but it will offer refreshment against the salty flavours. Albario is mainly found in Spain and Portugal (Alvarinho in Portuguese) along the Atlantic ocean's coastline. Reset Password
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