Neuchatel was settled during the mid-1800s by hunters and trappers who moved in after the Native Americans. There are over 300 ghost towns in Kansas. Though it still maintains a post office and about 167 people, the village is filled with abandoned buildings. The History Of Thurmond Before Thurmond blossomed into a bustling boom town, it was once one, Read More The Forgotten Ghost Town Of Thurmond West VirginiaContinue, As I arrived in Cheshire Ohio a bit past 12am, the entire world seemed to stand still. Alcove, Marshall County Now a well-preserved park. Guittard Station, Marshall County Post Office 1861-1900 Some abandoned buildings remain. However, the citys location was not ideal. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Price: $925,000 Abandoned mining town: This property not far from Telluride was once considered to be one of the most famous Colorado ghost towns, the listing states. The area was settled by Joseph Dunlap, who represented Native American tribes in the region. What are some of the best ghost towns to visit in Kansas? The first settlers in the area didnt arrive until 1876. Centropolis, Franklin County Post Office 1854-1930 A small population remains on a county road about ten miles northwest of Ottawa. These places arent for the faint of heart, so we recommend going into a purchase with both eyes wide open. Trading Post, Kansas, is the only remaining town from the first permanent settlement in Linn County. Just 45 minutes outside of Denver, Colorado, the ghost town of Cabin Creek is up for sale for just $350,000 and comes complete with a restaurant, gas station and motel. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, its a perfect opportunity if youre into antiques and solitude. The town was established in 1869 near the site of old Fort Lincoln. Later that year, Dick Yeager visited the town. Below are 17 different ghost towns you can explore across the great state of Wyoming along with their status and exact GPS coordinates. The abandoned Indian Ridge Resort near Branson, Missouri, is the subject of a viral TikTok. Thousands of abandoned villages are waiting for new owners all across America, and some come pretty cheap. Explorers can photograph many of the old homes left abandoned as well as the historic Dunlap cemetery. 21 of those lots were claimed in the first year, so the town must be pretty quaint. Jollification The Anarchist's Guide To Exploration If you're looking to dive deeper into the world of urban exploration, this book is for you. There are several reasons that towns and settlements that once flourished are abandoned and become ghost towns. Pierceville, Finney County Post Office 1873-1874 & 1878-1992 A small population remains along U.S. 50. We rate ghost towns in Wyoming based on their status. Theres a main house with a kitchen and bath, a greenhouse with raised beds and drip irrigation, a workshop with office/studio space, and guest rentals called the Casita and the Pioneer House. If you're up to the challenge of closing on a spectral sale, here are five properties worth viewing. Dunlap, Morris County Post Office 1874-1988 Estimated population of 27. The old school has been restored. Read More Exploring Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans [PHOTOS]Continue, If youre searching for ghost towns in Pennsylvania, weve got you covered! An early settlement of Douglas County, Kansas, Vinland is situated along theAtchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railroadabout seven miles south ofLawrence. Holy Cross Church in Pfeifer, Kansas by Kathy Alexander. Ottumwa, Coffey County Post Office 1857-1906 A small population remains on the north edge of the John Redmond Reservoir. Price: $1,499,000 Phantasmagorical particulars:Right off Highway 20 in the center of Oregon lies the ghost town of Millican. Its wonderfully peaceful, the listing agent told us last week. Hunnewell, Sumner County Post Office 1880-1960 2020 estimated population of 64. It got its start as an agricultural community. However, as of the 2020 census, its population was 27. For example, the town of Pearce, Arizona is currently up for sale for $944,000, though it's more of a turnkey living history . One of the countys oldest towns, the settlement started in March 1856. Founded in 1869 by Joseph Dunlap (an Indian agent for the Kanza tribe), Named for legendary St. Louis Browns catcher Albert J. The Arizona Ghost Town Museum has been meticulously restored. It is still called home to about 112 people. 30) remains. The sprawling once-upon-a- time city boasts over 300 acres of land and has twenty-two buildings on site. Stanton, Miami County Post Office 1857-1903 Several houses and businesses remain. Haunted Hill House Dares Buyers to Enter. Once supporting as many as 350 people, all that is left today is a Co-op Elevator. Pfeifer isnt completely abandoned, but its still one of the most fascinating ghost towns in Kansas. One of the only remaining buildings in the ghost town of Clements, Kansas, is for sale for $95,000. In 2003, Marquette began distributing lots on 50 acres of formerly agricultural land. Located about 17 miles northwest of Atchison on U.S. Highway 73. Parkerville, Morris County Post Office 1892-1953 A population of about 60. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Tuttle and his family live on the property now, along with a few other tenants. Rhyolite, NV. Youre in the right place. Price: $1,600,000 Tourist town: This prominent portion of the Silverton mining and ghost town sits just one block from the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad depot. Of these many forgotten places, we found a handful currently for sale. Theres nothing dreadful about that! Water Valley, Tennessee, is just one of the many ghost towns that sit empty all over the country Credit: Circa Old Houses. If you love to visit Kansas ghost towns, head to Dubuque, in Russell County, Kansas. Over the years, many owners have claimed the 81 acres, but it's now up for grabs. It is located about 26 miles southwest of Atchison on Kansas Highway 119. It is also possible to visit the Trading Post Cemetery, which is the site of a horrific shooting. Named after its spectacular setting in the center of Badlands National Park, Scenic fell into disrepair in the 21st century before it was finally put up for sale in . The name changed to Reamsville in 1882. In 1893, Garfield County was annexed to Finney County, and the feud was over. Drury, Sumner County Post Office 1884-1921 A small population (approx. All of Hitschmann is currently on private property. Ludell, Rawlins County Post Office 1881-present A small resident population remains along with some ruins and abandoned buildings. LeHunt, Kansas never had more than 150 residents, though it did have two hotels, a store, a church, and a livery. Ghost Towns of Kansas: Volume Two by MR Daniel C Fitzgerald. Most of these buildings are long abandoned, including a bank, a town hall, a couple of stores, a work garage, and a few homes. Vliets, Marshall County Vliets as officially platted and laid out in 1889 along the Central Branch Railroad and the Vermillion River. On the channel, you can see his journey to bringing Cerro Gordo back to life. Still has several homes and an active church. Elmdale used to be a bustling community, with a brick school and gymnium next to it. When I first heard about the dilapidated state of Six Flags New Orleans, I just knew I had to go. We rate ghost towns in Pennsylvania based on their status. Alexander, Rush County Post Office 1869-present Estimated population of 54. This town is in my second book, Ghost Towns and Other Historical Sites of. 49 private acres +/- with 3 patented mining claims in the Turquoise District for some of the oldest claims in the state. Several homes and a small population remains. With its rich history and ghost sightings, the town is being sold for $1.5 million. Theres a three-bedroom main house on the 5-acre spread, but out back is where thespectral action goes down. 30) remains. Saxman, Rice County -Post Office 1891-1952 A small population (approx. Miller, Lyon County Post Office 1887-1905 & 1912-1958 A small population and some abandoned businesses remain in the area. Red Oak 4. In 1879, the Pfeifer people built a beautiful church and dedicated it to the town and its people. Was the territorial capital until 1855 when it was moved to Shawnee Mission. This replica ghost town looks so real, its scary. The last place on our journey pictured below is an old limestone house outside of Belleville, Kansas. Arrington, Atchison County Post Office 1879-1973 Today, were it not for the sign indicating the town and the few scattered homes about, it would be difficult to know that a town had ever existed. Kingsdown Main Street by Kathy Alexander. A member of the Donner Party is buried nearby. 1 Bonnie Clair Road, Goldfield, NV 89013 Share Listing Times Beach 6. Arvonia, located southeast of Reading, Kansas on the shoreline of Melvern Lake. Today, its a quaint, ghost town, where the past can be seen. Old buildings and storefronts are staged to mimic an 1880s era western town. 3.) Wild River Country, a 26-acre park offers a fun-filled day of non-stop fun with thirteen attractions. Raymond, Rice County Post Office 1872-? Contact to place a commercial ad. In 1879, the towns name was changed to Camden, and in 1883, it was changed back to Skiddy. Zeandale, Riley County Established in 1854 near Manhattan, this farming community never grew very large. We rate ghost towns in Kansas based on their status. Erik Gunther loves to talk about celebrity homes, luxury properties, and strange real estate stories. Wild bore, coyotes, and alligators now roam between the ticket booths and concession stands. Today Dunlap is home to about 30 full-time residents. Denmark, Lincoln County Post Office 1872-1904, 1917-1954 One of the first permanent settlements in Lincoln County, it was settled about 1869 by Danish Lutherans who laid the cornerstone for a stone church in 1876. Some old buildings remain. Heres how our system works: Abandoned: Is abandoned with ruins, Read More 12 Ghost Towns In Pennsylvania [MAP]Continue, Looking to explore Thurmond West Virginia? Dispatch, Smith County Post Office 1891-1904 A church, some houses, and a cemetery remain. Granada/Pleasant Spring, Nemaha County Post Office 1856-1906 Some ruins and abandoned buildings remain on what used to be Main Street. Cato, Crawford County Post Office 1858-1905 The Cato Historical Preservation Association meets at 6:30 pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Arcadia Community Center, Arcadia, Kansas. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. There are about 3,800 ghost towns in the United States, according to the New York Times. The old Logan County Courthouse in Russell Springs, Kansas, now serves as the Butterfield Trail Museum by Kathy Alexander. Building with a collapsed roof in Barnard, Kansas. Theres also a well house and a functioning well, a utility building for storage, a stone labyrinth, and a javelina crossing. The74-acre parcelincludes the remnants of the Millican Store, and most of the land is zoned for commercial use. Havana, Osage County Post Office 1858-Early 1870s Ruins of the Havana Stage Station and hotel remain, and a sign has been posted on the site. Fairport, Russell County Post Office 1881-1959 A small population remains. Advertisement cookies are used to provide visitors with relevant ads and marketing campaigns. Shields, Lane County Post Office 1887-1994 A small population and numerous buildings remain, but no open businesses. By clicking Accept, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. It probably also comes with a ghost or two. Saint Annie 5. Millbrook, Graham County Post Office 1878-1889 The ruins of a schoolhouse remain in the area. The oil boom led to buildings such as a theater . Stories about what happened in these places have been passed down through the decades, but much of their allure is in the eerie questions that will never be answered. Empire City, Cherokee County Post Office 1877-1907 Several buildings and a small population. Potwin Place, Shawnee County Post Office 1869-1899 The site is well-preserved off of SW 6th Avenue in Topeka and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Located in a town called Lawers which sits alongside the shores of Loch Tay in Perth and Kinross, the . Whatever it is, there is something unique about places where people no longer live. Get more stories delivered right to your email. Nicodemus, Graham County Post Office 1877-1918 & 1920-1953 See full article about this black pioneer town here. Today, Bushong is one of the, This Chase County town celebrated its heyday in the early 20th century with several homes, churches, businesses, and schools. In fact, there are several ghost towns in Kansas related to this battle. Richland, Shawnee County Post Office 1857-1960s Nothing remains of the townsite except some ruins and the cemetery. Harlan was home to Gould College, which lasted from 1881 until 1891. The Western ghost town, called the Town of Gabriella, is a 58 acre property currently being utilized primarily as a film set. A 62-acre town with all the amenities of an early 1900s village could be yours for $1.75 million a lower asking price than many of the. Irving, Marshall County Post Office 1859-1960 Located on Corps land and is easily accessible. Potwin was annexed to Topeka in 1899. Today very little is left of Castleton. It was changed to Kendall in 1885. .Established in 1882, this railroad town is now practically a ghost town. Post Office 1887-1992. Though it showed much promise in its early days, it is a shell of its former self today. The historic Winifred Bank building, chartered in 1910, still stands by Kathy Alexander. Those who move to one of the 73 counties that offer student-loan repayment are eligible for up to $3,000 per year towards their debt, for a generous maximum of $15,000. An old school sits quiet and abandoned in Big Springs by Kathy Alexander. Though located on the mainline of the Union Pacific Railroad, Bavaria did not grow. Croft, Pratt County Post Office 1907-1961 Two vacant grain elevators, two vacant houses, an old school, and a few ruins remain in this town. Of all the ghost towns in Kansas, Le Hunt is one of my top favorites to visit, especially in summer. Jerome, Gove County Post Office 1886-1943 Little remains of the townsite. Dunlap is one of the most unique ghost towns in Kansas given its deeply rooted history. For example, this might be said of Lecompton, Kansas, firstestablished as the Kansas capitol. The Lutheran Church remains open. This delightful small town is known for its Swedish heritage and youll find traces of it all throughout the city with its incredible food, unique architecture, fun festivals, and more. The 3-acre spread is located in the foothills of Dos Cabezas Peak and consists of three historic adobes built in the 1870s. Wheeler,Cheyenne County Wheeler started when the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad came through. Heres how our system works: If youre looking to dive deeper into the world of urban exploration, this book is for you. Earning its part in the Union as the 34th state on January 29, 1861, Kansas offers many history lessons from present and past towns. If the community has lost its commercial or population center and has faded dramatically from its peak, it may be considered a ghost town. Known initially as Maherville.
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