Situated upon smooth boulders, this natural water slide is fed by the clear waters of the St. Charles Creek, which quickly cascade down the rocks before plummeting into a cool pond below. The sound of the falls will drown out the freeway noise. Eight hundred feet of delightful, rushing waters complete with boulders, drops, pools and eddies make for splashing, paddling fun. I will be camping at Quaking Aspen Campground this summer. Kids ages 4 & 9 were able to do it. Essentially no trail in a lot of places. Situated upon smooth boulders, this natural water slide is fed by the clear waters of the St. Charles Creek, which quickly cascade down the rocks before plummeting into a cool pond below. The 400 Water Slide is family friendly. Explore. Steep start/end of hike. I would like to visit this natural rock slide, but am not familiar with the area. Dont miss the exciting new interactive Warp Speed slide. The natural waterslide area is a must for families. Easiest way to get back and forth across the stream is to wade across least strong currents. Low water level. For dryland fun theres a giant sandbox with interactive features and shady areas. Jump onboard a tube and float your way down the lazy river, enjoying a scenic view of the park. Could I just drive and head south on 190 then 22S83? []. And its 1.5 in and 1.5 out to be clear. The water was high and fast, we had to walk in the river to get past some huge rocks. As of late July 2015 there was still plenty of (very cold) water for the waterslide. Get ready to have a splashing good time at H2OBrien Park. From a patron at a gas station in Colorado City, off Colorado 165 heading west toward the Wet Mountains. This was a challenge, water half way to knees. Nestled in the sprawling million-acre San Isabel National Forest, hikers and thrill-seekers can shoot down this legendary natural waterslide. Its very apparent the trail was posted on AllTrails recently - we left with a full trash bag full of trash & saw so much off trail walking squashed wildflowers, etc. Alcohol may be purchased at the Bath House service counter or the Juice Bar. No attempts to get selfies at the lip of the lower falls, please! Children will love the Lesiure Pool which comes complete with a huge tipper bucket, sprayers, and a unique play structure filled with interactive activities. The feeling of my first sand volleyball game in a decade. Been coming here since I was 7. This is a must do trail for my family at least 2 times a year! Begin your hike on a connector trail to the real Franklin Falls trailhead. So fun and so cold. Mariah, 15, and Savannah, 12, had strong reviews. The swollen creeks of Boulder, Colorado provided a fitting backdrop for the "Water, Climate and Uncertainty" conference at the Natural Resources Law Center of the University of Colorado in June 2003. This definitely needs to be changed to HARD until the trail is cleared and safe. I think a lot of people got scared to come out here after that.. The path heads to a creek and continues on the other side. From a woman behind a counter of fudge inside a wooden lodge farther west, closer to the destination Id heard about near Lake Isabel. Youll be sure to want to visit again! Water Slides Daily: 4-7pm. When people mention deadfall, theres no way to exaggerate how AWFUL it was. Thought to have once been home to Native Americans some 9,000 years ago, the Paint Mines Archeological District is an incredible area chock full of "a unique blending of geological, archaeological, historical and ecological resources.". Are there any tips for me on how to arrive to the water slide from the campground? Huge down trees block path often & make it impossible to stay on trails. A natural waterslide, two good sized waterfalls, lots of old growth forest mixed in with open areas with great views, and beautiful Alpine Lakes. It really should be marked as hard. Does it still exist? Finding something new, the girls mother said, thats what were always trying to do., Added their father: The farther you go, the less people.. Just keep going downstream and you will get to the slide. Hey guys. Descending the other side of Melakwa Pass leads to Chair Peak Lake, Gem Lake and Snow Lake. . Natural water slide, San Isabel, Colorado, St. Charles creek 8,242 views Aug 17, 2010 1 Dislike Share jaydonmead 6 subscribers A bit of a challenge to get to but well worth the hike.. IF YOURE GOING TO COME HERE, OR ANYWHERE, RESPECT IT!!!! They were sweet all right. The tent caterpillar infestations are more of a temporary problem that . Dogs are allowed on this trail and others in the national forest. I only watched. The slide area looked really fun but apparently you need to tuck in your head before end where you get dunked. Chair Peak Lake is just down from the pass so you could include a visit there on this excursion. was happy to see people with trash bags helping to keep the area clean. Climb the ridge until you have to drop down the west side and traverse the base of the cliffs through a scree field. I used to go there years ago when it was relatively unknown. The pool boasts a diving board and the waters are always cool and clear. We did this hike last June. Watch out for the giant dumping bucket! Theres always something to do! Tevas didn't have enough grip on the slick parts and my hikers were NOT going in the creek. If youre looking for the perfect vacation destination, look no further than Glenwood Springs. This is more than a hike. Are you ready for one of the most difficult and butt-busting workouts of your life? A short walk to the top of the water slide and you are ready to go. Lots of rock scrabbling and water crossing.. very hilly I would not recommend taking small children, some of the river crossing and hills would have been precarious. Clearing these, you will get a great view of Keekwulee Falls. The last time I was there was about 43 years ago then you could drive right up to the edge of the rock where the slides are and many people did, we often went there on Labor Day and the Hells Angels Oakland chapter usually showed up to about 30 or 40 of them. Also, one of my favorite homemade youtube videos is an ode to this slide: We were camping at the lake, so we added some length to this by hiking from the campground, around the lake, to the trailhead (which is basically an unmarked path of the edge of the highway). Home Travel Guides United States Colorado (CO) 10 Best Water Parks in Colorado. Im pretty reckless with nothing to lose and I almost didnt do it. Now the trail has two long switchbacks up exposed rockslides (1.7 mi). A Bucket list checked off. The park also has a zip line for tons more fun. If you enjoy nature and hot water, the most obvious benefit from hot springs is simple relaxation. Three thrilling slides will leave your heart pounding. The Lesiure Pool also offers a kiddie slide, zero-depth entry and shallow water area so even small children can enjoy the water. Come for a day or stay for a week, youre sure to find something different to do every day. Annie is a freelance writer, content editor, and marketing whiz with a background in broadcasting and a passion for chicken nachos. 136 Lincoln Avenue . A bar gate blocks the road. . A hike usually has a trail and this was HARD to keep to a trail. This is definitely a hike to do in hiking sandals or shoes that can get wet because they will!. Now a few shots of . Even small children can enjoy the area as there is a zero-depth entry. From North Bend, take Highway 90 westbound to Exit 47 Denny Creek Tinkham Road. Its official: As of this publication, Water World, public and private pools, AND various water and amusement parks around the Centennial State will be closed for the summer, which is leaving Coloradans wondering what the heck we will do to cool off during these hot months. Best time to go is early in the year when the water is high!!! FIND YOUR WAY OUTSIDE is a trademark of AllTrails, LLC. Would not take someone who has a rough time moving around but for kids and healthy adults you are good. Right across from the main lodge are the Upper Pools. You can find it, as I did, by parking in the lot nearest the dam stretching over Lake Isabel. Its possible to find easier hiking along the animal trails where the rocks border the forest on the left hand side. Let's take a look: I camped in the area back in the 80s. Then cross a talus field (3.3 miles) into a sparsely treed open area (3.5 miles, 3785 ft) where the trail ascends steeply and is quite rocky. Whatever the season, youre sure to find an indoor or outdoor park that is perfect for you or for the whole family. San Isabel Natural Water Slide, Colorado Integrity Auto Care If you are looking for a somewhat leisurely hike and a smaller water slide adventure, we recommend this epic spot near Rye, Colorado. This is more than a hike. They rode the stream and dropped with a short waterfall into a pool. Check out this 2.6-km out-and-back trail near Rye, Colorado. The Colorado Springs family had spent the morning at the slide. You'll receive your first newsletter soon! (FREE leg-burning incline > pricey gym membership.). Would not take someone who has a rough time moving around but for kids and healthy adults you are good. JK Elitches, we love you, too, and await your grand re-opening! (Hey; we never said that getting to ride the slide didnt come without a little work!) Not many bugs. Water planning at scales larger than individual water systems is obviously not a new idea; in fact, 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the Water Resources Planning Act. Belly-flopping into the pool can get painful though. Take a few steps to get going and then sit down on the slick moss-covered rock. Yes. If you want to learn how to take to the rushing waters, there are lessons offered at the indoor pool. A Bucket list checked off. Seth, going to the area for the first time this summer. Open from Memorial Day until Labour Day, admission to the park is free with a theme park admission purchase. Very beautiful short hike! Once the trail crosses this side creek it becomes more shaded and less rocky (except for another talus field crossing) though the ascent is still steep. Going to head there next week, really excited! Speaking of summer not being over yet, have you had a chance to ride along the exciting Boulder Creek? Been coming here since I was 7. Natural Water Slide in Giant Sequoia National Monument,, Dome Rock in Giant Sequoia National Monument, Cottonwood Pass in the Golden Trout Wilderness. Just keep following the stream until you reach the Rocks. Pack it in, pack it out & STAY ON TRAIL. Get more stories delivered right to your email. The trail then levels off for 0.2 miles before it crosses gently flowing Denny Creek on a footlog beside a huge cedar snag at 2.9 mi 3600 ft. Turtle Bay was made just for tots. Temperatures may vary. It has been closed since last year (now 8-27-21). For tons of thrills and spills check out one of the many exciting rides. By Sydney Paschall | June 6, 2022. Caught the trail after. I highly suggest hiking/water shoes. Photo: Michael Levine-Clark At 507 surface acres, Grand Lake is Colorado's largest natural body of water, and with impressive depths that reach down almost 400 feet, it's also the state's deepest. I went today 10/3/14. one of Colorado's premier hot springs, is an historic hot spring, family-friendly recreation facility, and world-class gym in the heart of downtown . Have you ever driven through a tunnel of trees? Children will love Hooks Lagoon, complete with a huge five story treehouse and slides that are just the right size. Fun for the whole family, our facility is easily accessible whether you are driving, or taking a hotel shuttle and is mere steps away from the free town bus stop at Lincoln and 3rd Street. ^Both are causing problems in various Colorado forests. Thank goodness for those who helped and gave advice on the way. lots of downed trees, had to cross the water a couple times but the slides and scenery are amazing. If you are wondering which of our many attractions are a must-visit, take our advice and visit all 12 of these incredible places in Colorado: Please note, Eldorado Springs Swimming Pool is temporarily closed for renovations. Not many people so we missed it! The huge Bay pool is just right for splashing and swimming and features a diving board and a drop slide. Denny Creek actually has a number of waterfalls. The Alpine views from Upper Melakwa are absolutely stunning. Cross over the Melakwa lake outlet on the logs and proceed along the trail on the left shore of the lake. From a woman behind a counter of fudge inside a wooden lodge farther west, closer to the destination I'd heard about near Lake Isabel. Get more stories delivered right to your email. A helicopter recovered his body. Total distance (Round Trip) 4 miles to Keekwulee, 2.6 miles to slides, Total elevation gain 560 ft to Keekwulee Falls viewpoint, 140 ft to the slide. Has anyone been to the slides recently? OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article. Thanks! You cant go wrong as long as you follow the creek. Then you will love the 2,744-step Manitou Incline and its 2,000-foot elevation gain. 4. The water was high and fast, we had to walk in the river to get past some huge rocks. The zero-depth entry pool is just right for tots. In addition to this unique opportunity, San Isabel also offers glorious hikes, which you will also experience as the slide is only accessible by foot. I agree with an older review that the trail is mis-classified. Even cut-off Levi shorts dry out within a half hour. In this valley is lots of shade, wild blueberries and olallieberries in season. Thats why the Forest Service blocked off the road. That being said, make plans to take a ride down this all-natural water slide, which is hiding out within the beautiful San Isabel National Forest. The Denny Creek trail follows the creek through old growth forest for 0.4 miles. Stay left and cross FR 58 after 0.1 mile.
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